Saturday, March 19, 2011

This art installation looks very real, looks like observers displayed a range of reactions, which is what the point of art is.

Mark Jenkins // Street Installations

Saturday, December 11, 2010

[VIDEO] Gorgeous visuals and filming style

The Sandpit from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo.

This cinematography style was also used in "The Social Network" movie row crew race scene and is called tilt shift isolated focus. 

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Google Buzz: The Official Demo [VIDEO]

Google Goes Social with Google Buzz

Google has just unveiled its latest attempt to become more relevant in the social media space:Google Buzz. The product is integrated within Gmail and will be rolled out gradually to all of the webmail service’s users over the next few days.
We’re still digesting all of the implications of Buzz (and will have more coverage throughout the day), but in the meantime, here’s the two-minute demo of the product in action both on the Web and via mobile that Google showed off during today’s press conference:


Thursday, March 05, 2009

1983 iPhone design

If you thought that the iPhone concept was something really recent, you're going to be really surprised! You'd think that the concept was pretty recent, since the original iPhone came out in 2007. However, that's not the case. Would you believe that something like an iPhone came out way back in 1983?

This image was found by Marc Esslinger, the son of Hartmut Esslinger who designed the famous Apple IIc. If you don't remember, the Apple IIc was the first portable computer from 1984. We featured the image back in 2007 when the article came out, but we never really expanded on the ideas that this image represents. It's quite amazing to see that this iPhone also had touchscreen capabilities, even though it was corded. Still, the basic premise existed far in the past of Apple. No wonder that the iPhone currently works so well. It's been something that has been studied for quite a while. It was a design that was way ahead of its time. You can read more about Marc's personal Apple story over at Fudder. However, the article is in German. Click here for a translated version! [via Hello Bauldoff]

via unpluggd

Thursday, October 02, 2008

What a bank!

In most cities, strategic downtown street corners are flanked by enormous, old banks, the ornate cathedrals of capital designed to impress and intimidate. With the massive changes in real estate values and consumer banking habits, such monuments to Mammon are no longer smart or necessary. But what amazing opportunities such massive commissions must have been for the architects of the day! And what depressing alternatives we’ve experienced since! Luckily, online banking has made a bank visit almost obsolete, but when you must visit, most of the time you’ll find a boring, convenience-store-type standardized box — retail banking in the worst meaning of both words.

But we are starting to see a change. Several new bank design concepts are in the works, and some have been launched recently, including CheBanca! in Milan by Crea International. The concept for CheBanca! (translation: What a bank!) reflects the brand’s simplicity, transparency and innovation. When Crea International co-founder Massimo Fabbro will speak at POPAI Italia in November on the power of physical brand design to bring to life a brand's language, spirit and values, he will no doubt mention CheBanca!


Nintendo officially unveils Nintendo DSi and online store, coming Nov 1 in Japan for $180

Even before Nintendo announced it, the DSi had been the talk of the town. According to our Japanese correspondent, the DSi will be 12 percent thinner, and will get rid of the GBA slot entirely. The DSi will also include two built-in cameras (one reportedly VGA resolution) and music playback. It will add an SD card slot and internal storage (we don't yet know how much) to enhance its multimedia capabilities. The screens are now slightly larger at 3.25 inches, photos can be synced to the Wii Photo Channel, and the unit will include a free browser application.

Nintendo is also launching the "DSi Shop" to sell content directly over Wi-Fi. Prices for the store, which are also tied into Wii Nintendo Points, will use 0, 200, 500 and 800-point tiers. Until March 2010, 1000 Nintendo points will come bundled with the device.

Nintendo is calling the DSi a "third platform," implying that it's not competing with the DS -- though as a history lesson, the DS was originally a "third platform" against the now-retired Game Boy Advance.

The DSi will launch November 1 in black and white colors. It will cost ¥189,000 (approx. US $178). We won't fault you for misreading this as "iDS," given the very iPod Touch-esque additions.

Update: The official DSi website is up.